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Common Applications and Materials Used With Laser Engraving Machines

Business owners and hobbyists who are interested in the purchase of a laser engraving machine will be amazed at the many different types of materials that can can be etched, engraved or cut. From fragile glassware to hard metals, these machines can do it all. Read the information below to learn about common applications and materials used with metal Laser engravers.

Glass Etching

Because of the fragility of glass, many individuals are surprised to learn that a laser machine can provide exceptional results when etching this material. Mirrors, wine glasses, plates, frames and holiday ornaments are all popular items that are etched with laser engravers. Glassware that's cylindrical shaped can be etched with a laser machine by adding a rotary attachment that turns the glassware during the etching process.

Wood Engraving

Many individuals and businesses make items from wood and then add engraving for personalization. Laser machines will accurately engrave or cut both hard woods and soft woods, but wood that has a smooth grain will produce the best results. The power and speed settings on the machines can be changed depending on the species of wood that's being engraved.

Metal Cutting, Etching, Engraving and Marking

Various metals can be cut, marked, etched or engraved with a laser machine and each one of these applications renders specific results. Marking discolors the surface, engraving creates an indentation and etching melts the surface and elevates the metal. Laser machines will work with many different types of metals, such as stainless steel, raw aluminum, iron, copper, titanium alloys and precious metals.

Photo Etching

This type of etching with a laser engraver is becoming increasingly popular and users can pull up a photo using graphic software and then etch it onto various materials. Ceramic, glass, wood, leather, plastic and granite are all materials that are commonly photo etched. Image software that's made especially for laser engravers will ensure exceptional results when etching photos.

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